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New Products Coming Soon! Foldable Changing Mat, Toddler Rucksack, Baby Rucksack, Toddler Apron, Minature Teepee, Tag Thingy, Pammy (Pacifier/Dummy) Case and Clip!

All Needle Thread and Lyla products are limited addition or one offs as our fabric selection and product development is constantly evolving. Every item is pinned and cut out by hand, then ever so carefully sewn together using my trusty sewing machine in our Devonshire home. Fabric has been allocated to each item but not all pieces are constructed and ready to post. Products in stock will be delivered sharpish, however if it needs piecing together it may take me around two weeks to complete. If there is something you have seen and love but it is not quite right, please get in touch and I shall see what I can do to create the perfect item just for you.
Go to Messenger Changing bags

Messenger Changing bags

To hold all those essential items that your Little One absolutely must have. With complete ease of access enabled by two magnetic snap fastenings, plenty of room and the possibility of everything having its own place. There are four external pockets to store wipes, snacks, juice bottle anything and everything you desire. This allows the inside of the bag to be a huge compartment for a spare set of clothes, toys, a book or two and not forgetting all your essential bits and bobs, has also got a handy mobile phone pocket. Our Changing Bags are strong but lightweight as we know the weight off all essential items is heavy enough.

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Mini Changing bags

For all your changing needs pop into any bag and off you go, giving Mamas and Dadas the security that they are always prepared and that Little Ones can be kept fresh and clean. With individual elasticated compartments for nappies, wipes, barrier cream, nappy bags and any other products you desire for your Little One. Along with an integrated cushioned changing mat.

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Changing Mats

To rest little bottoms on when their nappies need a change. For use on a nappy changing table, cot top table, or on any floor! Wedged shaped so that the cushioning is deeper at the edges to keep your precious little bundle in the middle. With a wipe clean surface and zip off cover, it’s easy to keep spotless.

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Book Bags

To hold all their precious books on the adventures that they’ll go whether that be to nursery, school or an extra special trip to the library. Along with a special place for colouring pencils for those drawings that just can’t wait.

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Toddler blankets

Whether they are having a cheeky nap on Mama and Dada’s bed, being pushed in their pushchair on a stroll through the park, needing something snuggly to cuddle when they’re poorly or cuddled up on the sofa watching their favourite film, wrap your toddler up in a delightfully soft beautifully crafted blanket. Because toddlers need security blankets too and baby ones are a touch too small.

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Everything and anything pouch

There are so many extra things that you suddenly need when you become a parent! Use this pouch to store essential medicines, a spare set of clothes, tasty treats when food becomes involved, or a selection of toys to entertain when they’re starving and lunch is taking far too long. They also provide the perfect place to store dirty or damp nappies whilst out and about. The options are endless.

Go to Dribble bibs

Dribble bibs

To catch droolio, wipe little chins and keep ever so cute outfits looking fresh. A must have for every parent whether it’s during feeding time, whilst their fighting the horrible battle of teething, protect their delicate skin from scratches or just to keep them looking gorgeous.

Go to Handy bags

Handy bags

To throw in your bag ready to hold those unexpected purchases – a gorgeous cardigan that you just couldn’t resist, milk because hot chocolate is all you can think about, a toy truck to add to the growing collection. Or give as a gift to Grandparents, Godparents, Friends who you know like to make a cheeky purchase but never have a reusable bag to put it in.

Go to Storage Tub

Storage Tub

A perfect place to store all your treasures, whether that’s next to your changing mat keeping nappies, wipes and botty cream safe, holding all those tiny toys that would otherwise go astray, keeping a few books neatly next to your Little Ones bed for a late-night story or holding all their bath time toys or toiletries and not to forget your bits and bobs too, these tubs have so many wonderful uses.

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We have a vision...

that our handmade, original and organic products will make your family life a little bit more unique. With the added warmth of knowing that together, we are taking care of our environment.

In July 2015 Lyla was born turning our world upside down and making me want to preserve the planet on which we live for future generations to cherish. I struggled to find organic accessories so my love of sewing continued and I made my own. Our vision is to share these products with like minded parents, giving them a feeling of warmth knowing that they too are taking care of the environment that they are raising their precious Little Ones in. Each item is handmade with much love and attention in our Devonshire home and will grow with your Little One and look fabulous for years. We have embraced our love of colour, pattern and individuality which is at the heart of our fabric choice and product design. Adding a splash of colour and fun to your Little One's room, your shoulder and in their tiny hands on the adventures that they go. Our aim is to continually increase our organic product range. We absolutely love what we are creating and we want you to be excited by our expanding range of accessories - we have oodles of plans for the future. As well as the shop we have the Needle Thread and Lyla blog where you can indulge in the developments of our business adventure along with our love of being creative, playing, exploring, shopping (Mama), walking, cycling (Dada) but most importantly spending time together. If you'd like to be updated on what's new, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, there are links at the top of the page. Big Hug from our Needle Thread and Lyla Family: Dada (Richard), Mama (Kelly) and Lyla x x x

Our family

The Needle Thread and Lyla Household


Toddler and reason behind the venture. Lyla is my inspiration, our bundle of joy and miracle. She adores BB, Ted, holding on tightly, cuddles, kisses, pens, drawing, Woos (Twirlywoos) and reading books. Lyla is the reason I am starting this business and she is the star of the show.

Kelly (Mama)

The Designer and Maker. I am a thirty-something arty kind of Mama, previously a secondary school Textiles teacher, currently venturing into the world of business. Living in Exeter with my Husband Richard (Dada) and our daughter Lyla (born July 2015).

Richard (Dada)

The All Rounder. Richard is my true love, secondary school Science teacher, keen cyclist, coffee drinker and secret artist. The one who keeps Mama grounded, our rock.

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