Our Journey Began…..

Like all family businesses Needle Thread and Lyla has a story and to explain how we got here I’d love to tell you ours…

Richard and I met in 2007, it must have been love we moved in together after a month of being an item, became home owners in 2009 and got married in 2010 and we haven’t looked back since.

We always secretly knew we wanted children, we picked our Daughters name, Lyla, during a car journey before we’d even had the ‘Do you think we’ll ever have children conversation’. When we eventually decided it was time to start trying we thought it would be easy we’d be pregnant within a month and our future would go according to plan.

No one ever tells you that’s not always how it works.

After almost two years of trying we decided it was time to visit the Doctor to see if they could offer any explanation as to why we were struggling with something we’d taken for granted as being easy. Test after test, poking, prodding, monitoring you name it, we had it, they gave us no definite answer. It was possibly just not meant to be. But we desperately wanted a baby, we’d never admit it to anyone but we were jealous even heart broken by family and friends who had children.

However, help could be had and we accepted it with more hope than you could possibly imagine. I took every drug they offered, Rich learnt how to inject me with hormones, tried every solution they suggested but nothing worked. We went through IUI twice without success it was a really testing time. Each month we were hopeful and each month we were devastated.

We needed a rest, sometime to think, relax, feel normal (if that even exists) and just be together. In the summer of 2014 we packed the car and went camping in France 4 weeks. We lay on the beach, climbed mountains, drank wine, chatted, read, played cards, laughed and held hands. We returned home feeling refreshed although I think part of us had given up hope.

But then on the morning of the first day back to work I had a phone call whilst standing in my classroom. Our Doctor said how do you feel about starting IVF next month? I was filled with all kinds of emotions most of them completely indescribable but mainly HOPE I was filled with HOPE.

So, the biggest adventure we had yet to go on began. The hormone tablets, the injections, the monitoring, the scans, the egg and sperm collection it was a whirlwind. On egg collection day, I had three eggs that were ‘mature’ enough to use (the lady opposite me had eight!) Our embryologist explained that ICSI was our best option (there are two kinds of IVF standard and ICSI. Standard IVF the egg and sperm are left to mix naturally (well in a petri dish), ICSI one egg and one sperm are selected and the sperm is injected into the egg under a microscope (there are risks as with everything the egg can be damaged the whole process can fail)).

We went home having left our hopes and dreams of having a baby at the hospital. The following day we received a phone call saying two of the three embryos had been successful we had two potential human beings growing beautifully under the watchful eye of who we like to call ‘Miracle Workers’. So long as though they continued to grow we were booked in for the following day to have them implanted.

We eagerly watched as two flashes of light shot across a screen and the embryos were placed inside me and so the wait began… 14 days until we could do a pregnancy test it felt like forever.

I’d read somewhere that if you kept your feet warm your uterus stayed warm (making it a comfy place for an embryo to grow) so I did for 2 weeks I wore socks/slippers constantly even to bed and I had never worn socks to bed before. I barely moved instead I ate lots of health food, went for small steady strolls and watched all The Harry Potter Movies (I didn’t return to work straight away I needed to relax, I was petrified that this was our only opportunity and didn’t want a stressful job to affect our chances).

Two weeks passed ever so slowly but at 5 o clock on our scheduled morning we woke up, I don’t think we’d slept a wink that night. I did the ever so glamourous job of weeing on a stick and we watched intently until slowly the word PREGNANT appeared on the screen and oh my goodness the joy, fear, shear elation over took us.

We now find ourselves almost exactly three years later with the most precious little girl in the whole wide world, starting a new adventure one where I hope one day she says to me ‘Mama I’m so proud of you’…

Kelly x

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  • Just read this Kelly and have tears of happiness for you. What a beautiful story, written with love and emotion. Absolutely love the way you are joining your love of Lyla with your beautiful business. I will look forward to reading your blog and seeing ‘Needle, Thread and Lyla’ go from strength to strength. X

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